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Cost Advantages

Major APP-Vantages (Part 3 of 4)


Our Real-time Rendering Engine enables builders to effectively create and present hundreds of color renderings of each house without additional cost or time. Basically, you just pay your usual static rendering price and we make them interactive for free. No need for still renderings anymore.

Why spend tens of thousands of dollars and hours creating, storing, and distributing generic printed brochures and static website content when you can present more engaging interactive content on free web apps? The savings are even greater when the app is employed across multiple sales and marketing channels.

As a one-page web app, although every Buyer takes the same few steps, each web “page” is dynamically, instantly, and uniquely created based upon each user’s unique designs. This interactive dynamic content eliminates the need for the creation and maintenance of hundreds of complex static web pages. The cost of the App software is shared across hundreds of Builder clients and house plans so it’s not borne by one sole Builder.

As an app, software upgrades are immediate, seamless – and free. No more major costly and disruptive overhauls for new features and technologies. Builders benefit from new software features originating from the collaborative input and suggestions of fellow app users.Unlike websites, there are no monthly hosting, maintenance, upgrade, subscription, or seat license fees. This saves you thousands of dollars over the life of you communities.

How can the costs be so low? Basically, because the renderings and the software are all done in-house. They’re are no middlemen. Plus, our software enables the internet to be our 24/7 graphic artist. It instantly creates and saves thousands of unique renderings worldwide daily. This in-house production also ensures high quality and volume, quick turnarounds, full-service, and rapid innovation – and the security of your designs.

Give us a try! We offer a 10% New Customer Discount on your first order.

Our Backend Dashboard (Content Management System) comes included and is specially-tailored for New Home Design, Marketing and Sales Departments. The simple interface enables non-programmers to easily update content.

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