How does our "My Home" web app integrate into your website?

There are many ways to integrate your web app into your website. Our app can appear in I-Frame embedded or pop-up or it can simply open in a new tab or window. Here are some options and actual customer website examples:

Pop-up I-Frame
Embedded I-Frame
Opens in New Tab
Embedded i-Frame, with Option to Open in New Tab

Web App Integration Special Feature: Deep Links

The App mainly functions as a stand-alone tool where a Buyer can Find and Design their homes through a multi-step process.  However, the App also offers a popular deep-linking feature where Builders can enable Buyers to jump directly into specific steps in the process. Builders can deep-link into specific communities, site plans, plans, and elevations. Deep links are simply unique url web addresses that are linkable from emails, websites, social networks, portals, etc..

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