Virtual Staging

Giving Special Props to Your Rooms!

Why spend money and time physically staging a room when we can virtually stage it from a photo? You easily can show how the space can be furnished, decorated, and utilized in different ways. It’s a great way to bring an empty room to life! Plus, it’s open 24/7 from anywhere – and you never have to clean it!

Augmented Reality Staging

The Stage is All Set . . .

for Augmented Reality furnishings to be placed, and photographed or video recorded on your iPhone or iPad. You just literally have to lift a finger to move these objects around with breaking a sweat or your back.  Your virtually furnished rooms are now at your fingertips!

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Interactive Cutaways

Click to view house features!

Anyway you cut it, . . .

. . . Cutaways are a great way to highlight a home’s features and construction and show what it’s made of!

Drive engagement by making them interactive. Hotspots enable Buyers to learn about the home’s features. The pop-up features display text, images/photos, videos and web links.

A static Cutaway rendering costs about $750 depending on the number and kind of features. If we’ve previously modeled the house, then deduct about $250. If you want it interactive, there’s a $75 setup cost plus $20 per hotspot.