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Our Own (Future) Office in Augmented Reality (AR)

We have been working with many builders across the country and sometimes we get to do something different (and fun!)   About a year ago, we created a model of our future office building – just a block away from our current office here Downtown Holly Springs.  At that time, we created a video showcasing this development as a great example of public/private partnership between local business and the Town of Holly Springs. 

Last weekly, we updated the 3D model and took it for another spin.  This time, we showed the general public for the first time ever the power of AR.  Although you can’t get the first person experience, you can at least see the video we created.  AR allows the user to see the project in real scale and real time.  Thus, you get to see the context or background along with all the energy around it.  AR gives a new level of experience that is much more visceral than just watching a video.  The only drawback is that everything is seen from the human level.  So – our next challenge is to get to a higher location after placing our model to show a different experience .

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