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App Pricing

Your Company-branded Apps are available as Stand Alone Apps or as a total package “My Home” App. Pay for your usual static renderings! Google Analytics captures your app traffic to show your most popular communities, plans, options, lots, etc.! Ask about volume discounts!

Color Design App

Unlimited Colors
$ 300+ per 3D elevation. Quote varies by artistic style (see below).
  • Interactive Colors ($300/3D Elevation w/o landscaping). Unlimited colors, but $5 per stone or brick color per elevation.
  • DIY Downloadable Images
  • Personalized Brochure
  • Backend Dashboard (CMS)
  • No Monthly Hosting Fees. No Data Storage or Analytics.
Stand Alone

My Home App

Interactive Colors, Floorplans, Site Plans, Interiors
$ 340+ Quote varies by artistic styles (see below).
  • Interactive Colors ($300/3D elev w/o landscaping). Unlimited colors, but $5 per stone/brick color per elevation. See pricing for other rendering styles below.
  • Interactive Base Floor Plan (2D BW/Color: $40/$75, 3D w/Furniture: $300; price per floor)
  • Interactive Floor Plan Option (2D BW/Color: $15/$25 per Option, 3D Option with Furniture: $75)
  • Interactive Site Plan (quote per Site Plan rendering. But free conversion of static site plan rendering to interactive)
  • Interactive Interior Design - Optional (see Interior Design App for Pricing)
  • Communities (first Community: free, $200 set-up fee per additional Community. Fees waived for each Community that has a Sales Center Kiosk.)
  • DIY Unlimited Downloadable Images (Free)
  • Personalized Web Pages and Brochures, Save Unlimited Favorites, Share on Facebook (Free)
  • Add Inventory Homes (Free)
  • Real-Time Backend Dashboard (CMS) (Free. No Seat Licenses)
  • Monthly Hosting Fees: None if no Data Storage or Analytics. $50/month with unlimited storage and analytics.
Total Package

*Prices based on approximately 3000 sf house. Client to provide CAD files; PDF files may incur 20% surcharge.

Interior Design App

Customize Finishes
$ 900+ $50 per interactive element per room: :stains, backsplashes, countertop, flooring, etc. Additional cost for custom furniture and lights. First 10 wall colors are free.
  • Interactive Colors
  • DIY Downloadable Images
  • Personalized Brochure
  • No Monthly Hosting Fees. No Data Storage or Analytics.
Stand Alone

We have just Your Style!

Home Alone


Less is More!

Especially if you want more savings! You can keep it simple and just highlight your home!
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Photo - Day


Clear as Day!

This is by far our most popular style. The colors are truest and it puts your house in the best light.
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Photo - Dusk


Make Your House Glow!

This style conveys a more romantic and intimate home setting. The warm mood is set with a sunset scene, lit-up interiors and exterior lighting.
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Completely Floored!

2D B&W

$50/floor, $15/option

Everything's Black and White

Low price, clean and easy-to-read. You can't go wrong with our most popular choice.
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2D B&W w/Colored Options

$50/floor, $20/option

Not Everything is Black and White

The base floorplan is black and white. But colored options clearly show your choices.
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2D Color without Furniture

$75/floor, $25/option

Colorful Designs!

Color not only brings life to your homes, they also help define rooms, fixtures and materials.
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3D Color with Furniture

$300/floor, $75/option

Adds Another Dimension

3D floorplans really showcase your space as you can see windows, doors and counters. Furniture defines lifestyle and space utilization.
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How about a Touchscreen Sales Center Kiosk to go with your App?​

Sales Kiosks are becoming a critical part of a Multi-channel Digital Sales and Marketing Strategy that encompasses Email/Social Media Campaigns, Search Portals, and Websites. If shoppers register on any of these channels, the data is stored in our Anewgo Cloud. Then, Builders can not only track Shoppers as the migrate through these channels, but they can view the Buyers’ Favorite personally-designed homes for meaningful Sales leads and follow-up.

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