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Technical Advantage

The Major App-Vantage (Part 4 of 4)


We handle the app creation and the rendering content loading. Since we do everything in-house, the renderings are live as soon as we finish them. The interactive house renderings are actually completed faster than still renderings as the internet renders the homes in real-time. You don’t have to download or upload anything.

All content, renderings, photos, videos, descriptions, pricing, lot statuses, etc are stored in the cloud and accessible from any device 24/7. This database also contains valuable user traffic, contact information, favorites, and analytics.

With your app, you get a free secure online Dashboard Content Management System to load, update, and analyze app content. Specifically, you can update text, photos, videos, pricing, colors, options, lot statuses, contact info, maps, inventory homes, etc. in real-time. No programming skills needed.

All app updates can be made in real-time via the Dashboard – no programming skills required. Everything is updated via drag and drop, drop-down lists, and typing. Pricing and lot statuses are updated immediately and synced across all marketing channels.

With over 200 app clients, we get hundreds of feature requests and suggestions. As new features roll-out, the app user automatically realize these latest upgrades – without downloading or installing new versions. Builders inherit these new features for free!

Inevitably, your homes will be revised and your app content will change. Our in-house staff can quickly make these changes – usually without any maintenance effort from you. Our integrated content creation and software platform makes the painful revision process a breeze.

Our dedicated App Support Team effectively provides you App implementation, training and support via demos, screensharing, phone calls, and emails. We also have an “App Central” website that serves as an online repository of App features, FAQ, articles, and glossary.

Our apps are updated via our proprietary backend Dashboard or Content Management System (CMS). All of the data resides in a secure Cloud Database which enables Builders to update content via the internet. Similarly, Buyers can interactively find and design their homes online from any device and then save, retrieve, edit, and share their designs from their own secure cloud account. Additionally, different front-end apps can to tap into the same Cloud database to access current synced data. Our online cloud database that can be maintained without programming skills enables Builders to centralize their Dashboard maintenance. Secure accounts enable your employees or approved partners (i.e. real estate agents) to update their content from anywhere and at any time to provide real-time current information across your apps. This frees-up website developer resources and can save time and money.

With over 200 app clients and 8000 homes, our apps have been well-tested and proven to work. This is cutting-edge technology. Rarely to app clients switch back to static renderings.

Our APIs tap into the specialized content and features of other web application software. For example, our Points of Interests “radar” maps interface with Google Maps to retrieve current mapping information.

Our proprietary real-time rendering engine technology enables Buyers to design, visualize, and price their custom homes on-the-fly. While our server-side rendering process in conjunction with our Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides a superior real-time rendering experience on mobile devices.

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