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Marketing & Sales Advantages

Major APP-Vantages (Part 2 of 4)


The ultimate in personalized marketing where Buyers can Find and Design (and ultimately, Sign) for their new homes online anywhere, anytime, and on any device. No more boring generic new home shopping experiences. Finally, Builders will gain great insight into the preferences and profiles of the buyers – and thus, they can create and launch highly targeted, personalized, and effective marketing campaigns.

With the ability to design, visualize, save, compare, and share their customized homes, buyers are much more engaged and excited about shopping for new homes. The first visit averages about 8 minutes of engagement. Future visits average 12 minutes as they become more engaged and compare their favorites.

No more limitations of model home visits, hours, and staff. Buyers can find and design their homes from anywhere, anytime, and any device.

The combination of our Real-time Rendering Engine and Mortgage Calculator enables to buyers to instantly visualize, price, and compare their custom-designed homes online. Buyers can easily realize how little their monthly payments change with upgrades.

No more generic brochures. Buyers get a personalized PDF brochure with unique renderings and their selections itemized. The sales agent automatically gets emailed a copy. This custom brochure ensures that both Buyers and Sellers clearly see the house specifications – reducing miscommunication while generating detailed sales leads!

Our Web Apps are fully-responsive and work across all web browsers and devices. The data is synced across a cloud database and can be simultaneously employed on your website, sales center kiosks, design centers, and in email and social media campaigns.

The design apps can be enhanced with videos and virtual tours (like animations, Matterport, 360s, VR/AR). This creates a highly-engaging and immersive personalized and experiential marketing platform.

With a virtual 24/7 online sales and marketing tool, you can reduce your inventory and model homes. Pre-sales can be further heightened when the design apps incorporate experiential marketing utilizing new technologies like drones. animations, and virtual/augmented reality tours.

After buyers create their custom homes, they can share their designs on Facebook and Pinterest which launches a free viral marketing campaign to people with similar demographics and interests. When this audience clicks on the backlinks of the post, they launch the app and can create their own twist on the original house design!

As a new home purchase is a complex process, buyers can design their homes and save and compare up to 3 Favorites. They can return to their Favorites and start right where they left off. Sales agents even use this tool to present to 3 suggested new home designs to their buyers.

If you have Lasso CRM, our app will auto-feed buyer registration data to Lasso when they create their personalized brochure. This way your Online Sales team can respond to interested buyers in minutes.

App Shopping data is captured as anonymous aggregate (can identify trends and popularity) as well as personalized detail (Buyer name and contact information, specific product selections – for those who have registered) . This “in-app” data is married with Google Analytics which profiles the Buyer’s demographics and “beyond-the-app” internet behaviors to provide great insight into potential home buyers. Unlike websites which just provide page hits analytics, our app tracks the most popular lots, options, prices, houses, neighborhoods, etc. For those who have saved their Favorites to secure online accounts, we retain all of this important detailed data for sales and marketing follow-up.

With real-time rendering and a cloud database, we can capture an unprecedented granular level of product detail (most popular communities, plans, colors, options, lots, etc.) as each Buyer makes his unique selections.

Sales Funneling

Unlike Websites with hundreds of links, Apps are great for funneling a Buyer through a process. As they are walk-through shopping steps, unique personalized content is brought to them.

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